A Process for Human DevelopmentA wide variety of approaches have been developed to help us understand A the processes of career development and decision making Anthropologist , sociologists, educators, economists, psychologists, and philosophers have all studied vocational behavior and have provided us with insights into the presses.

Tweld based counselors and practitioners are concerned with knowing what type of counseling practices are effective to help individuals achieve their full potential

Theories have been developed by Super 19841, Holland help provide a conceptual framework for us to understand ca development. The thesis have led to the development of menstruates, in techniques and the creation and structuring of information

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It is difficult to pinpoint with accuracy when individual or group career guidance and coming Vices were first provided through a recognized institution.

The division of labor curing in industry, the growth of industrial technology, the spread of democratic forms of internment within the United States, and the evolution of the school system during the period 1850 1900 created a med in American schools to help young people determine what type of career path they wished to follow Another contributing factor was the development within the old classical academy of public school from 1855 to 100, the United States wit need themA Process for Human Development

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There were an increasing number of acts in the urban areas with wave of imagining from a bon countries the attendant social problems that occur when people are credited neighborhoods that lacked the social services to assist them in achieving personal fulfillment

An accompanying issue was the abuse of children in the labor force. Some estimates indicate that in 1900 Over 500,000 boys and 200,000 girls in the 10.0.13 e bracket were employed in the factories of the United States.

To counteract this buses, a number of states began to establish minimum  as early as 1848 Pennsylvania. They clearly identified career Counseling with a skilled in testing and career assessment was a critical book care cuing and find help in dealing with issues of child abuse in the labor force.

Public schools Lacked the special alt assist young people with us of care planning  poems, and adjustment to adulthood. In short, children who were abused by the labor market system had few sources of personal or career cling to turn to for help Puro worked in the Boston and was extremely concerned about the lack of prodded young people in mining what type of Career path to follow.

Pero described in 1909 the analysis of the individual, the study of Occupational information, and counseling As conceived at this early date, care co n consisted of individual analysis by means of question s and interviews in order to ascertain the nature of a per son’s abilities, interests, and background.

It is from the humble beginning that we have witnessed a truly  evolving of career Counseling and guidance services that free from work in preschool to comprehensive programs in grades K-12 and a variety of efforts at the post coronary levelA Process for Human Development

As a result of person’s work, the first national conference on vocational guidance was held in Boston in 1910. A number of prominent speakers, including Charles W. Elliott, president of Harvard University emphasized a need for school personnel who had an interest instance.

An increasing number of publications dealing with worker productivity in the industrial sector curs
From 1900 1940, there was an increasing strong interest in case and its relationship to clots. Tames Camel’s work was initializing at once. There was interest in testing residual as they relate to large groups of people who were being selected for military service and needed some type of cessation and subsequent training.

Within the industrial sector there was a correlated contest people for the lies and aptitudes as it came to job placement.
The period from 1900 to 1940 is been called the Period in the evolution of Caterpillar vies due to the strong emphasis on The works of Lewis Teman La Thur Mon, Arthur Otis, and Robert Wood worth are exemplary examples of the testing movement.

In 1928, Clark Hull published Aptitude Testing, which was in interpretation and no aptitude that is for  guidance. It is this early identification of matching human traits with job became a cornerstone for the trait factor movement that characterized early career guidance efforts
A number of federal initiatives also contributed to the development of the career guidance movement from 1917 to 1940.

The Smith Hughes Act 1917 the George Dean Act 19.361, and the Wagner Geyser Act (1933) were highly influential In addition, the federal internment established the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and a civilian conservation corps in the mid-1930s to provide employment for people during a period of national economic station In 1939,

The Dictionary of Optional Titles was published by the US Employment Service, and this has continued to be a benchmark reference for those in the area of Carer guidance.
The evolution of career guidance continues from 1940 to the present with the development of a number of major counseling publications, significant federal programs, the evolution of cor development theory, the development of Car education, the professional training of school counselors and others, and wanes in technology.A Process for Human Development

It is during this period that we note a variety of significant contribute by researchers such as Do Super Dus Tiedeman LG Williamson, Carl Rose, El Ginsberg and John Holland, to cite a few There are was a shift in the peach of using from directive to directive and social psychoanalytical We have also witnessed protest of the counseling movement to the continued development of the current American Counseling Actions.

Considerable cancer emphasis is also located in state-related national Optical income and can guidance were developed to help individuals choose convection, but it was read by leaders such as Herr Drie Hansen and others that this was not enough.

The mare importing of career information did not address is of psychological deviance, social problems, and other societal needs that plague people. As we move into the future and survey the past, we note a continual need commencing in the elementary school to provide students with experience in care planning trying out occupational roles, under standing the role of work in a city and developing the behavior terns to help them be successful. At the junior middle schools we have developed a dance programs that are more exploratory and focus on helping students develop basic work skills, develop decision-making skills, and have early flick experience in the world of work.

As students enter school and prepare for coronary training and education they need time care exploration and develop a patio of care sells as they explore the wide range of cultureA Process for Human Development

Although this way does not sell of all of the that occurred in the last 100 years, it does quick View of the development from a row focus on  a substantial and extending concept of Career counseling over the life span in later chapters of this book, we pride our dealing with special population, internalizing career technology into counseling and other trends and issues related to providing modern care counseling and guidance.